Interviewing 101: Don’t Flake Out

flickr image by yellowcloud
flickr image by yellowcloud


Congratulations! Your resume, network, the stars and the moon all aligned and you landed a first interview. That’s great news and since it pours when it rains suddenly you’ve landed 3 interviews in the same week. The bad news is that two of the companies want to schedule interviews for the same time. You’ve already committed to first one but think the second company has more potential. What do you do? This is such a common problem when actively seeking a new position and often we’re tempted to cancel the first interview because we believe the second has more opportunity. This is a big mistake. Allow me to explain.

Never want to assume you know what the opportunity really is. That’s what first interviews are all about, learning more about a potential opportunity and being given the opportunity to share how you might be a fit for the position. Most employers will understand if you explain you have a meeting that cannot be moved and need to arrange a different time to meet with them. You may even believe the first company is only offering a temporary or contract position but you wont know what opportunities are until you speak with them. All interviews offer you the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals. This is your opportunity to leave a favorable impression even if the job offered isn’t one you’ll accept.

Consider interviewing, even for a job you’re not as interested in, as network building. Leave a favorable impression on a hiring manager and you never know what opportunities (s)he may know of beyond the position or the company you’re interviewing with. Setting the foundation for a strong professional relationship during an interview will never hurt your career, even if you don’t accept the position. (Be on the lookout for future posts on how to decline a job offer)

3 thoughts on “Interviewing 101: Don’t Flake Out

    1. Thanks! Declining an offer is a very delicate dance for sure! I’ll be writing that one in the near future. If there are other topics you would like to read about, please let me know!

  1. I wish this was the case. Most of the times, the employers seem to have a black-and-white outlook on whether or not they will hire you for the position at hand. They don’t seem to consider the future much.

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