Weekend Recharge: Go Outside!

Let’s be clear, my version of camping is a Holiday Inn Express.  Any hotel that doesn’t offer a Keurig coffee maker is roughing it in my opinion.  This is not a post that will encourage you to spend a weekend in the woods.  Although I must admit, this glamping trend certainly has my attention.  If I ever try it, I promise to post about it.

Even as an indoor kind of girl, I love to get out and enjoy the open spaces.  This weekend, we’re on our fall color trip taking in the beauty of what the season has to offer.  We’ll sip cider from mills, pick apples, bask in the sunshine, and breath fresh clean air. We’ll get outside away from our computer screens and cell phones so we can listen to the rest of the world.  I encourage you to try it, even if you’re not a fan of dirt or nature.  Take a drive and get lost on a country road.  Put the GPS away and turn off the phone.  You’ll be surprised at the inspiration and peace you’ll find.

Have a great weekend!


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