Weekend Recharge: Learn Something New

By the end of the week my brain is fried.  Not just golden fried like great chicken but fried to a crisp, basically burnt kind of fried.  This makes it so tempting to veg out on the weekends and not think but I’ve learned that only makes it harder to go back to work on Monday.  Instead, decide to learn something new this weekend.  Have you always wanted to learn Italian (the language or the cooking)? Then find a class and learn more.  Does everyone say you have a great speaking voice?  Find a voice over class at your local college.  Do you have visions of knitting cozy sweaters decide to learn how this weekend.  Go with a friend or go solo and make new friends.  Either way, you’re engaging a different part of your brain then what you use all week.  It will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Have a great weekend!

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