Congratulations- You’ve Been Fired! (?)

July 4th 2018 in Career tips

“You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so get on your way!” Dr. Suess.

I often surprise clients by saying, “Congratulations!” when they tell me they’ve been fired.

Each one pauses, takes a breath, and gives me a very hesitant “thanks”.  Their thank you comes with a bit of cynicism but my sentiment is very sincere.  Being fired is often one of the best things that can ever happen to you.  No one gets fired overnight, there’s always something that leads up to a termination.  Something isn’t working in your current situation and likely you’ve been as unhappy, if not more so, than your employer has been.

Listen, bad relationships only end when one party has the courage to put an end to them.  So, choose to look at it as an opportunity, not a catastrophe.

Yes, your ego will take a hit but STOP LISTENING TO EVERYTHING YOU THINK (thanks Cy Wakeman) and seize the chance to find another opportunity that truly suits your character and passion.

Determine what where your real talents lie (hey-we can help with that!) & build a plan that will take your career far beyond anything you’ve dreamed of before.

~ Michelle


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