AI in hiring will not replace a human being

May 19th 2020 in Coaching, Interviewing, Jason, Resumes, Searching, Video

There’s been talk for years about how Digital Transformation was going to push businesses into a modern Information Age model.

When the Pandemic hit, DX as it’s often called, was no longer optional- it was mandatory for survival.

Recently, a company in Sweden introduced a new AI-driven interview software/hardware that supposedly removes the human bias from the hiring process. It’s a very cool tech and I’m not going to say they shouldn’t keep working on it.

What I am saying is that if you think for one damn minute that it’s going to replace human decision making or make hiring easier, you don’t understand how technology works.

Technology helps PEOPLE work better. If you think you can simply replace people because it’s cheaper then I feel really bad for you- the future won’t be kind.

In the Information Age, human beings aren’t widgets to be bought and replaced like parts in a machine. The Information Age is changing everything.

In the Covid-19 ‘New Normal’ human beings are the FOCUS of our economic progress. They are the engine.

Human beings aren’t a cost center, they are your ONLY way to make a profit because they ARE your business. Every employee IS your company.

‘Nuff said.

What do you think?

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