Whether you’re looking for a new position or a promotion you need a professionally written resume.
Maybe you just need to see your strengths and accomplishments on paper so that you can better understand what you want to do with your life.  A professional resume will help with that too.

Hiring a resume writer is an investment in your future success.  A professionally written resume shows you care not only about your own future but about your organization’s too.  It showcases what you’ve done and what you can do rather than retelling that basic job description all over the page.

Together we will work to write or rewrite your resume.  We will meet in person or via Skype/FaceTime for an initial interview so that we can learn more about your skills and expertise. We’ll discover where you want to go and define what success looks like to you.  We’ll then customize a resume to help you obtain your goals.

The resume process is complex.  There will be several email exchanges and edits made before we get to the final approved document. Once we arrive at that piece, you’ll receive a word, text and pdf copy of your resume that can be shared with perspective employers in addition to an we updated LinkedIn profile to match your resume.

To begin the resume writing/rewriting process, order online or contact us at resumes@merrfeld.com

What you get:

  • A 15 minute chat by phone or Skype
  • An updated resume in both Word and PDF formats
  • Customized and optimized LinkedIn profile designed to match your resume





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