Writer, Business Coach, Advocate and Speaker Michelle Merritt is the CEO of Merrfeld Career Management. Her previous roles as a Fortune 500 Recruiter, Corporate Culture Executive, and Chamber of Commerce Vice President led her to create Merrfeld Resumes to serve in a way that encourages, promotes, and enables people to be their very best.

Michelle speaks on a variety of topics from building your professional network and career of your dreams to surviving and thriving after sexual assault. She is a 23-year sexual assault survivor, tireless advocate for women and a proud feminist. Michelle has been a featured speaker at the 2014 Body Love Conference, Panelist for Indiana Lt Governor Skillman’s Advancing Hoosier Women Conference, Keynote Speaker at Wal-Mart Women in Diversity Conference, and Keynote Speaker at the Hope House 35th Anniversary Gala.

Rated one of Northeast Indiana’s Top 101 Connectors, Michelle has earned KPC Media’s 40 Under 40 Award, Blacksnakes’ Recognition of Outstanding Support, and a 2014 ATHENA nomination. A graduate of Loyola University, Michelle has served on countless boards and committees giving back to the community she calls home. Her husband, Jason, and son, Derek, along with a close-knit circle of friends and family empower her to do the work she does.

Her twitter profile (@michellemerritt) reads “Writer; Career Coach; Wifie; Momish; fiercely loyal friend; wanna-be techy foodie and mixologist; body acceptance advocate; feminist; yogi; all around power chick,” that sums it up nicely.

2 thoughts on “Michelle Merritt, CEO

  1. Love this site! Can’t wait to work with you! One day soon, I hope. I know for sure I can benefit from your help and advice as I finish this last (hopefully) degree and transition to a new career.

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